Thursday, June 13, 2013

Oh hai!

Meet me. Mostly Anonymous me for now.

I'm 25. I'm a nurse looking for her first job. I like women's health, but I will work anywhere that will hire me. I love people and helping them feel better and find quality and joy in life.

Currently in flux. Leaving my current residence tomorrow (later today?) To move back in with my family, reconnect and repair my relationship with my parents, bond more with my little sister, and help take care of an aging grandmother.

Bringing with: my two dogs. my beat up old ford.

Leaving behind: boyfriend of many years.

We've spent a long time tango-ing through emotional and verbal abuses, arguments, family issues from both sides....I used to be the clingier one of us. Then after a big fight a few months ago, something snapped and I stopped caring about bowing down to his every whim like a lapdog. He became the clinger. I may or may not come back here. I haven't been single for any significant length of time since age 14. I'm exhausted. I'm finally at a point where I feel I could love myself enough not to chase after a guy for self-worth. We shall see how long I can stick to my resolve.

How to use this blog? I plan to use it in a multitude of ways...updates on current situation. Thoughts on happenings in and around the world. Forum to discuss music, tv, and other facets of pop culture of today and all the tomorrows. Creative writing outlet. Consider this a giant word thrift could find anything given my mood on a current day.

Nice to meet you, whoever you are. I hope whoever you are that I find you happy.

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